Martijn Sorée and Roger Teunisse

For contacts in English, please call M2R, phone +31 10 4666184 or email to

BURO M2R is a designer studio for architectural transformation, interiors and exhibitions, situated at Rotterdam.

Founders Martijn Soree and Roger Teunisse design interiors for the public and the private sector, such as permanent establishments and exhibitions, for art galleries, museums, libraries and other institutions.

The analysing capacity and ability to establish intensive dialogues with their principals are characteristic for the founders and the bureau. BURO M2R was established in 2001. Analysing the problem will be our starting point. First of all, by looking at the principal's request from various angels.  And secondly to become, so to speak, a part of him or her, in order to find out what is really desired  and why.  This will provide us with the legitimation of our choices.

Thinking out of communication, that is the pit. It provides the design with an extra dimension. One first has to learn the essence of the principal's request. The actual design will only take place in the following phase two or sometimes even in phase three.

The people who are going to make use of the designed establishments form the point of departure for all our assignments. What are their specific needs. How will the spaces be used. Which functions take place and what is the relation with the environment.

Of course a design should be original and beautiful. But first and foremost, the user has to be the ultimate center point. Only then a design will remain sound for a long time to come.